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In 2013 the Government backed DAS scheme sees record increases in uptake, Das offers people who are struggling with debt a unique solution. A DAS scheme is a Government backed scheme enabling people to freeze interest and charges on their debt for up to a maximum of 10 Years. This scheme is gaining popularity due to the fact that assets such as cars and houses are not affected. Our unique DAS wizard will calculate how long it will take to be debt free.

Throughout Scotland, many thousands are struggling to repay credit cards, personal loans and bank overdraft debts. If this sounds like you, you are definitely not alone! You can find out if a DAS can help you by completing the contact form.

By managing your finances through a DAS organised through a qualified money advisor you can repay your bills at a pace that suits you and your family and avoid sequestration.

Most importantly, you will keep your assets and work towards a fixed date of discharge. Once your DAS has been submitted to your creditors, they have 21 days to respond and after this date your DAS will be formerly accepted, subject to DAS Administrator approval.

Debt Arrangement Scheme
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Thanks to DAS Scotland, we are repaying our debts through a Debt Arrangement Scheme, safe in the knowledge that we have a fixed plan of recovery. The flexibility means that should our circumstances change, we can amend our DAS to suit our new situation.
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Why Use DAS Scotland?

✓ We have given debt advice to thousands of Scottish based people
✓ We only recommend qualified DAS Money Advisers
✓ Our geographical coverage is unrivalled
✓ The Debt Advice that we give is based on YOUR needs
✓ We are owned by Trust Deed Scotland, as seen on STV

Whilst in a DAS, your credit rating will be affected and you will not be permitted to obtain further credit while repaying your DAS. Depending on the level of debt you owe and the amount that you repay, it may take several years to complete the program.

Consider also that it may be more appropriate to repay your debt using other Scottish debt tools, including Protected Trust Deeds.

What is the difference between DAS and a Debt Management Plan?

A DMP offers NO legal protection from your creditors and can be self-setup by an individual or any organisation. DAS utilises government legislation and freezes interest and charges.

How is my proposed repayment amount calculated?

The amount that you repay is based on your disposable income. This means that your living expenses will be subtracted from your income and the amount left over will then be repaid to your creditors.

Will I have to release equity from my property?

No. Your home is completely safe, regardless of equity or property value.

Can I include my mortgage arrears within my proposal?

Yes. You can also include rental arrears but you must meet your regular payment.

My wages have been arrested! Can I still apply?

Yes. Existing diligences must cease to be enforced i.e. wage arrestment etc.

Will my credit rating be affected?

Yes. There will be a negative effect on your credit file and you will need to rebuild your credit history post-DAS.

Can I still use a Credit Card while on the Debt Arrangement Scheme?

No. You will be forbidden from using any form of credit such as a loan or a credit card for the duration of your DAS.

Will the Interest and Charges be frozen indefinitely?

Yes. As long as you continue to repay your debts, there will be no further interest and charges and once you complete the DAS, these will be removed permanently.

Does a DAS offer flexible repayment if I lose my job?

Your DAS is based on what you can afford to repay and should your circumstances change, the terms can be varied to reflect your new situation.

Can my creditors make me Bankrupt while on a DAS?

No. Your creditors may not apply for your sequestration while you are repaying your debt through your DAS.

Do I have to tell my employers that I am on a DAS?

No. The agreement is a voluntary arrangement between yourself and your creditors. For some occupation such as financial services it may be beneficial to check with your union prior to signing for peace of mind.

It is also possible for you to ask your employer to deduct your new DAS directly from your wages, should this be your preference.