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Debt Arrangement Scheme FAQs

Seeking help for debt is a difficult thing to do.

Therefore it is perfectly understandable that anyone experiencing financial difficulties will have many questions about a DAS and how it may affect their day-to-day lives. Here is a list of Debt Arrangement Scheme questions that DAS Scotland gets asked on a regular basis.

Will my debts be managed by the Scottish Government? Will I be declared bankrupt? What effect will this have on my Credit Rating? Will my home be sold under DAS? Does a Debt Arrangement Scheme stop creditor telephone calls? Will my creditors be allowed to keep adding interest and charges? Can I setup a DAS by myself? Is it possible to do a joint DAS? Can I repay my DAS weekly? How do I know that the DAS is the best solution for me? What if my circumstances change? Will my creditors accept my proposal? Where can I get a DAS Quote?

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